The Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!

I never expected it to happen – especially not this year.  At the beginning of the year – it would have been just a dream.  After Wentz went down, that dream all but disappeared.  But the underdogs toppled the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.  The Eagles punted once.  The Patriots didn’t even punt.  Nick Foles is MVP.  I keep pinching myself.

The Philly Special will never get old.

This is an amazing video.


Commenting on Reviews

So Apple has finally let developers comment on App Store reviews and I had a chance to give it a spin.  It was extremely annoying to have a review provided by a user where you could not respond.  Hopefully this will lead to better dialogue between users and developers.

The Rabbit Hole

I am extremely excited about the Rabbit Hole coming to Kansas City. There is a campaign to raise money that is going on for the next month.


The Rabbit hOle is a new and astonishing vision for kids and books that will open up new worlds and create greater access to literature by advancing a culture of books that embraces both the young and the old, readers and non-readers alike. This has to be. It’s a game-changer. I hope you will join me.